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“One year I left bunches per grapevine on a whole hectare: my father didn’t speak to me for three weeks, until he recognised that the grown grapes were beautiful.”

Nicola Jasci

Our winemaker likes to say that “we don’t limit ourselves to science, but we don’t do witchcraft either”.

He says this because there is always room for growth in organic production, but humility and courage throughout the entire production process are essential elements.

Wine comes from the choices made in the vineyard, first and foremost.

Reducing, uprooting, moving and repositioning are vital actions to give a unique and recognisable identity to the bottle which arrives in the cellar.

Our long experience, our love for the land and for our work have been combined with courageous choices.

We have increasingly reduced the yield per hectare, until we reach ⅓ of traditional production.

We reduced the number of treatments on the early grapes to only 4 months of defence.

The vineyard is strengthened by re-establishing a healthy balance between acidity and sugars.

The result is there for all to see.

Montepulciano Janù is a unique wine which goes beyond the usual standard.

It is the flag-bearer of quality at 360°, on the olfactory, taste and health levels.

Together with the Nerubè line, it is the expression of an absolutely modern interpretation of organic wine, which is also expressed in white wine such as Pecorino, Riesling, Traminer and the traditional Trebbiano d’Abruzzo.