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The environment

“Jasci & Marchesani developed a unique awareness and expertise in interpreting organic farming as an unbreakable bond between human beings and the environment.”

Vittorio Festa

We don’t consider organic farming a trend or a way of market positioning, rather as a mindset that gave us the chance to relate to the land with a completely natural approach.

We cannot imagine our DNA being alien to a process that continuously leads us to look up to the future, to innovation and to the progressive decrease of our carbon footprint.

The mindset which is called ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainable’ has been the guarantee of an increasing ‘affective’ relationship with the environment and the fruits we obtain from it.

The machine set has been renewed with the goal of low-power consumption and worker comfort in mind.

The new electrostatic attraction spraying systems avoid release into the environment and reduce the use of phytosanitary products by 40%.

GPS weather stations have been installed in the vineyards to plan the management of preventive treatments.

For such treatments, we use exclusively sulphur and copper.

Our winery has been working with photovoltaic and wind energy for years, but today we have managed to produce lighter glass bottles to minimise environmental impact.

Besides, we use certified recycled paper for labels.